One Off Cleaning

By The Hour Pro Cleaners Chelmsford

One Off Cleaning ChelmsfordSometimes regular cleaning services aren’t appropriate. Imagine this scenario. You’ve just had a large party at your home. There’s a huge mess and you’ve got to get to work. And you just don’t have the time to tidy up. However, your property is normally relatively clean. So you don’t want to be obligated to use a team of professionals regularly. What do you do?

Our one off cleaners offer the perfect solution in Chelmsford! Contact us now. Tell us what needs to be cleansed, and how many hours it’ll take. Once we’re done you’ll be under no obligation to use us again. Hotlines are open 24/7.

Spring Cleaners Who Can:

  • Give you an appointment on short notice– did you know that same-day slots are possible? We’ll give you a quick response
  • Work flexible time slots– get us on weekdays, weekends, and Bank Holidays. Our prices will stay the same no matter the date
  • Offer cost-effective prices– your job will be hourly based. And you alone will decide how long it lasts
  • Carry out your priorities– give us a list of the cleaning tasks you want performed. We’ll work through them one by one until your time’s up
  • Do your ironing and laundry– as well as other miscellaneous chores. Just make sure you include them on your list of priorities

Bear in mind, we don’t just employ spring cleaners in Chelmsford. You can also get our help with oven cleaning and carper cleaning. Book them at the same time to get a discount.

One Off Cleaning Made Easy in Chelmsford

One Off Cleaning ChelmsfordDuring the booking process you’ll have decided how long your service will be. Want a short slot? It’s highly recommended that you provide a list of priorities. Don’t know how to do it? Just tell us what you want done in order of importance. For example, if you really need your kitchen surfaces scrubbed write it high up on the list.

Once our team arrives onsite we’ll immediately inspect your premises. This’ll let us determine whether the time you’ve given us is sufficient. If it isn’t you’ll be told right there and then. However, we’ll complete as much as possible. Your checklist will then be worked through one time at a time. After your time’s up we’ll ask you to give us feedback.

Don’t forget your one off cleaning service can include: ironing, bed making, dish washing, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and much more.

Our Local Cleaners Are Vetted and Insured

Pro Cleaners Chelmsford knows the importance of quality control checks. Want more details? Every our one off cleaner in Chelmsford is regularly supervised. This ensures that everything is being done in the proper manner. As a result, you’re sure to get a quality service. In addition, you’re hiring a team that’s been trained to use all types of equipment – we’ll be able to take advantage of anything you supply.